For those of you who have noticed the lack of unstructured Sinhala poems (Nisadas) on this blog;

I used to work at Vesess.
Prabhath (the uber-designer) blogged at Nidahas.
Venushka (the uber-coder) blogged at Adahas.

I wanted to blog as well – lack of talent notwithstanding – and tried to come up with a name for the whole thing. In my attempt to find a name that rhymed with Vesess (Sinhala for “Special”), Nidahas (Sinhala for “Freedom”) and Adahas (Sinhala for “ideas”) I put Nidahas and Adahas together -> Nidahas Adahas = Nisadas. So no, I can’t write poetry,

While Nidahas is no longer updated, you should definitely check out Adahas. Venushka is back from whatever dark place he was hiding. If you are one of those people who runs WordPress on your own domain, then you should definitely pay him a visit. Go to now!

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