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Dear Dulan

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This year you’re sixteen and you’ve only just got on the internet. Some chap from a Bradby playing school (where at some charity walk you will win the voucher to get you internet access) has tagged me to write to you. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

No of course not, that link doesn’t work ‘cos it links to a site in 2009. No, Netscape isn’t that cool, but yes, anything is better than Explorer. For what it’s worth, your dislike for Microsoft will continue and you will only get over it with the introduction of something called Office 2007. But then again, that will be more out of necessity than anything else.

And yes, you will (cringe) have your own site under (y)our real name. But you will call it Nisadas (a combination of Nidahas Adahas, which are two other blogs by friends at your old work place) and people will think that’s (y)our name, so don’t worry about sudden popularity. Besides, you still can’t write to save your life.

So what do I tell you?

  1. You will not become a monk. Amma is going to be very worried about you and this tendency of yours to be cynical of life in general. Please spare her the trouble. You’re not cut for that kinda thing and sure as hell the Sasana isn’t cut out for the likes of you. But take the time to join her on her visits to the temple. You will grow out of this Heavy Metal/Atheism combination and mellow out with a more Agnostic and far more buddhist attitude to life. That will help you and it’ll help Amma as well.
  2. No, that means you won’t be going to Wudang mountain either. Geez.
  3. Yes, you will know all the songs of Metallica’s Reload by heart. What did you expect, playing it in the background while studying? Although, you might not want to write most of them at the end of your English Lit paper…
  4. That first (and only) piece of vandalism on your school desk? The one where you painstakingly draw the Whitesnake logo? Well, you’re gonna miss school one day and come back to find it gone. Dilan will have scraped it away and replaced it with the words of “My heart will go on”. No, we’re definitely not going to understand nor forgive…
  5. You have impeccable taste in women, my boy. Almost all of the really interesting ones you will not pursue on the grounds that they are older than you(No, we never really get along with anyone younger than us until much much later in life), the wrong religion (y’know the ones where your kind of atheism isn’t approved of) or just plain out of your league. This is generally due to your inherent geekiness, and you’ll never really grow out of it.  Nevertheless, you will be blessed with some very good looking and intelligent friends of the fairer sex. As for the ones out of your league, that won’t stop you from marrying someone who’s as out of your league as the All Blacks are in comparison with the school team. So don’t worry too much. But make the most of every opportunity ;)
  6. Yes, the All Blacks are a rugby team. Malli will take up rugby, so you will get to hear a lot about it. Try and be more involved – it’ll save you both the trouble of having to get him explain various technicalities while watching the matches.
  7. Love your hair. Er… as in take good care of it. You’re gonna lose most of it pretty soon.
  8. Yes, you will do Maths for your A/Ls. I know you wanna do it ‘cos of all the cool stuff in the Demo Scene, but you’re not going into IT. Not that it makes much of a difference, since everyone in your department is going to tell you that IT would suit you more than Finance, but the CIMA classes are a lot more fun. Trust me. But pay more attention when you’re in class, especially calculus.
  9. Save money. A couple of years later in 2000, track down a guy called John Pereira. He has already sent himself a list of all the results of sporting events in your not too distant future. Be his friend and see if you can find some stuff out. Bet on that and make a lot of money.
  10. Keep some of that money and invest in shares. All those times that you think share prices are good for buying will turn out to be just that. :) Well no, I didn’t save so I didn’t have the money to invest. So you change that.
  11. Stay in touch with your friends more often.
  12. Dream. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Yeah, that’s about it. That last part is from an awesome speech. Look it up when this thing called Youtube gets on the scene…

Enjoy being young. You will find that growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. :)

Chill, bro.



Just in case the Pereira fellow doesn’t help out, I’m sending you a list anyway. Check your mail in a little while.

And with that, the tag stops here. That’s all folks!

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December 9th, 2009 at 10:29 am

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